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ミハラ Ariel

"Just be careful little miss, and I'm sure you'll be fine." The man, a kind old Hiker that told Ariel about a crime syndicate going around stealing Pokemon waved at her as she entered the town.

A day has passed since she first arrived in Hoenn, and right now Ariel is rather tired. Last night isn't Ariel's most comfortable evening and she spent over half an hour awake staring at the stars above her. Treecko still hasn't returned to its Pokeball, not that she wanted it to. She rather likes its company, even if it was a Giant gecko.

Speaking of which, it is her Pokemon, and her very first one. Shouldn't she give it a Name? Oh, but first, she must learn the Gender of it. One Pokedex scan later, she has all the basic info about her Pokemon.

Treecko, Female, and it knows Pound, Leer and Absorb. The last is a new one, but not really all that surprising. She'll have to try it out later.

Her first stop is the Pokemon center. When the automatic doors slid open, she is somewhat awed by the contraption used for Pokemon healing. Striding her way in, bowing as she did so, she passed by some trainers milling about, hearing something about some incident in a route near here, thereby making it impassable.

The Pink-haired Nurse Joy gladly accepted her Treecko, so as she waited for the treatment, she claimed herself a seat on a bench, bagged her Fedora, and brought out a white brimmed hat with a pink ribbon tied around it.[1] She also unbuttoned her jacket, revealing a white dress underneath and laid it on the seat beside her.[2]

For some reason, however, the treatment is taking long, and caused her to doze off using the entire bench as a bed.

[1] It's a Brimmed hat, or a Sunday hat. It can also be called a Picnic hat. One of the Game's Sprite has one, it is used by the Grass using trainers. I forgot the name though.

[2] If you're asking why that many clothes, my cousin does the same. I'm just basing the same eccentricities.

[3] Yes, I ran out of things to type about. Also, it's 2 AM here. I'm just not asleep because I have been half the day.

[4] Yes, this is the 3rd personality.
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