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"You can count our number one less, Zane," Hanso said, holding the letter out. "At least for now."

Zane observed Hanso curiously, then read the letter. He read through a second time right after to make sure he got everything right. “Oh…damn…” Zane said. He looked back at Hanso, ensuring once more the letter was genuine. Defender had gone ahead to Cape City. Zane wasn’t sure if this was something important he had to do, or just another part of his seemingly ever-deteriorating sanity he was earlier displaying. Either way, he new they had to go after him.

"To answer your question, Vigil, I am unsure. I must deliver the news of his death to my family, but they are a long journey away from here. My other brother, however, may be heading in this direction as we speak, but that I am also unsure of. For now, I will remain here in Albia and see if I cannot establish a telepathic connection with him and his group of fighters. If I can, then . . . ," Kasey glanced around at all the Tribe members that were gathered. "Then maybe I will take up travel with you, if doing so would be convenient for both parties."

"Just come with us already," Bloodthirster said bluntly, who had just touched down next to them a bit earlier. "I'd say what we're doing here is more important than warning your family... no offense."

“No, we will not force you to come.” Zane interjected. He admired Bloodthirster’s forwardness, but didn’t quite like his lack of tact. Family issues were a sensitive subject, especially family of fellow Gold Tribe members. That bond is often even stronger. As he eyed Ragnaros in that moment, he noticed the Swift also just arrive, though he looked a bit sad. He wondered why, and kept in mind to ask him about it later, should he get the chance. “Well, Bane, our urgency has just picked up tremendously. One of ours may be in some trouble, so we must depart immediately. We have our path, and you have yours. Yet should you choose to accompany us…”, Zane took off his bag over his shoulder, digging through it and taking out his map of Valkaria, “…we will be traveling along this dotted path due northeast, making for the pass between the Korhal Mountains and the Thieves Forest before turning further northeast to Cape City. Find us there.”

Zane looked around to ensure all of the other Gold Tribe members besides Defender had arrived, before signaling to them to move out. He looked back at his sister Bane. “Arceus protect you.” He said these final words to her, before heading off with the rest of the group. He would have loved to have her join them there, but that was ultimately up to her, not him. For now, they had a brother who may be in trouble.


Thieves Forest

Scar waited for Genevieve’s arrival for longer than he would have liked, though he made good use of his time. He sent a letter to Auron in Silver City by way of the fastest Aerodactyl. He also made arrangements for the captured thieves to be sent to the Silver City torturehouse. He was a bit displeased, however, when he learned that some thieves managed to escape both captivity and death. Though not a strong enough number to take up arms against them at this point, Scar in general never liked to leave any loose ends. He sighed, almost moping at this point next to Inferno, while Sovereign was nowhere at the moment to be seen.

But then he heard an Ancient guard speak. “My lady, Genevieve,” He said, to which Scar snapped up and turned himself to the direction of the noise. He contained a smile on his face, as she commanded the Kabutops to leave.

“I assume you’ve received my message?” Genevieve turned to Scar and the Inferno. “It is my opinion we should mobilize immediately. They are hopefully unaware of my intel, we should be able to blindside them and end this conflict once and for all. What say you?”

“I would agree,” Scar began, before remember the note he had sent out, “though I suggest we wait a bit. I have sent a note to Auron as to what he wishes we should do with them a few hours ago. He generally wishes us to consult him before targeting the Gold Tribe, after all.” Hearing the words come out of his mouth, Scar himself could see the peculiarity behind doing thus. In the beginning, it was always allowed to terminate the Gold Tribe with extreme prejudice upon sight. Now, Auron approaches this smaller band of members and any others that pop up with a bit more subtlety. Scar looked back at Genevieve. “But in the meantime, I am curious how you came about this information. Where exactly have you been this whole time to have acquired this, hmm? Was it Albia?”

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