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    Oda Baldotter
    Oda departed from the meeting with Marcus as soon as she was able, with little patience for being put in her least favorite position despite the supposed necessity of it. One man had already died because of her that day, something that only weighed more heavily on her mind, after having her suppression cracked by the ball. All of the voices talking at once, while motions played across the floor and lights flickered like unstable stars across the corners of her vision. Even the scents of food wanted to overwhelm her, but found no grip through her abiding form. They couldn't be allowed, while it was her duty to take care of the guests.

    There was little she could do herself, to secure the ball's safety, whether through personal presence or the command of guards, for it was all contained in the one room. It was a waiting game for the most part, something she'd become quite used to over the years, but that gave no comfort. It was hers to strike out against people who would attack the island's citizens, not to check the food for poisoning. There could have been Moreno's spies lurking around the guests, which was an unsettling thought, but she was certain the guards would have frisked the guests.

    Unless the spy was a member of Sword themselves. Those paranoid thoughts had to go, but Gem was no longer around to pick up on them; she'd fled upon Oda's meeting with Marcus, presumably to find somebody else to pester or help the rest of the maids with catering. So the Adept weaved her way through the guests in a pattern, trying to find anything that looked suspicious, as always, and there was, as always. The sheer amount of young people in the Famiglia promised drama about relationships, but it wasn't Sword's job to settle domestic disputes.

    That was what Oda comforted herself with, until she spotted Xoxaaa scurrying away from a tall man in an uncomfortable suit. Her first thought was concern for the young woman herself, but quickly changed to the fact that she was a member of Sword, and they apparently all needed to be on their guard for the Ball. Oda could have strolled over to Xoxaa and attempted to speak herself, but she seemed to need time to calm down from some sudden shock, as her hungry gaze ate everything at the food table.

    The next best thing would be to confront the man that had offended Xoxaa somehow, which was likely an easy thing to do, considering her skittishness while chasing down the thief, but it was something that needed to be resolved, before any further problems arose. Oda swiftly worked her way through the crowds of Ball attendees, making sure that her sheathed sword would not hit anyone along the way, until she came to stand before Adam, dressed in her military coat and uniform as always.

    "Good evening," Oda greeted Adam cordially, meeting his gaze firmly to not breed some sense of confidence. She knew little of the Apprentice, except for the apparent hullabaloo he caused preceding his blessing to join the Famiglia, but given that he'd apparently turned the case around, she would need to be firm before such confidence arose here. "You seem to have provoked one of the Sword Apprentices." She said, with a brief gesture to the food table where Xoxaa found sanctuary. "If you would, I'd like you to explain what occurred, so we can settle the matter appropriately."
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