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    “There’s Odale town” Sarah pointed, the journey thus far left her somewhat gassed, needless to say the copious amount of running didn’t help either. “My legs are killing me” she complained, bending at the waist to stretch her tendons.

    The moment she entered Odale Town there was a mature woman, about roughly in her late 30’s; who greeted her at the entrance. “Welcome to Odale Town, New Trainer!” she screamed, handing Sarah what appeared to be a potion.

    “Uh thanks…” she said, placing the item in her bag. “Hey what’s all the commotion?” she asked, nodding in the direction of the screaming trainers. “Oh, both route 102 and 103 are blocked so most trainers are stuck here, at least until the police finish investigating” while exchanging in conversation, the woman escorted Sarah to the nearby Pokémon Center.

    “So, how many Pokémon have you captured?” the woman asked, Sarah unclipped her Pokémon from her belt and placed them on the counter for the nurse. “I captured One, I had given the other” she responded, trying to see what exactly the nurse did to heal her Pokémon.

    “You can stay at my place until the police are finished their report.” Sarah followed the woman intently, as she exited the Pokémon center; her eyes caught the site of a red hair man entering the Pokémon Center.

    “Who is that?” she whispered, subtly. “Oh that’s Leon; he challenged the elite four a few years ago and lost” she explained whilst opening her door. Sarah was amazed at how handsome he was, she nearly forgot that she was in a game.
    “Wait…Elite Four?” the name rang a bell, her brother Jared had rage-quit so many times from not being able to beat the elite four. “All trainers strive to beat the Elite Four, doing so means you are the Pokémon champion”

    For Sarah that meant she would be able to go home, if defeating the Elite Four was what it took; then she’d have to make it happen.

    “So what’s your name?” the woman said, taking a seat in a rocking chair. “My name is Sarah” Sarah replied also taking a seat.
    “Oh, I’m Julia; tell me about yourself Sarah” the woman said, crossing her hands in the chair slowly getting comfortable.

    “Well” she started, but the only thing she could think about; was always being placed in handcuffs; getting caught smoking in the bathroom, Fist fights, pick pocketing, Court dates and her girlfriend. “I’m not that interesting” she said, with a guilty chuckle.
    The commotion from before grew louder and more intense; Sarah quickly ran outside to see a group of guys antagonizing the people of Odale Town.

    “We’re the best Pokémon trainers here, we’ll prove it to anyone!” the leader screamed, holding a poke ball.
    Once again from the corner of her eye the red haired man stepped forward. “Let’s do this…” He whispered. Opting to rest her Pokemon, she wanted to see the man’s battle mechanics.
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