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I don't recall the last time I've watched an anime, but I do find myself picking up a lot of game based 4Komas when I get the opportunity.

One series I really liked was Hoshi no Kirby:Dedede of Pupupuland. Fun to be had all around. They should've based the show off of that (but tamer). Unfortunately, volume 25 was the last one. I'm glad it ended properly, but still. :(

My favorite manga right now is any Pokemon comic done by Takahiro Yamash-ita. My ideal Pokemon world right there, silly and gag filled as it may be. I'm amazed that he seemed to monopolize this point of view so early. Did everyone else really think the trainer's life was that much more interesting (To be fair, game/trainer based Pokemon 4Komas are hilarious when done right)?

I'm glad Yamash-ita's still in the biz. It's the last thread of Pokemon merch I still happily hand over money to. What a sad world it'll be when that ends. :(

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