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I want to try this so here's my sign up:

Name: Oliver Hyde

Nickname: Ollie



Dormuicune Dorm

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish):

Personality: Is very good natured and loves to hang around with those who aren't total snobs. Very smart and has a habit of correcting those who make a mistake. Has a bad flaw of occasionally being overcome by a sudden urge of laziness, and hates it when people judge him or nag him about it. He is scared of the following things: Bugs, Heights, Being upside down, the Dark and being lonely. Likes Pokemon that can communicate to him, through methods such as telepathy.

History: Professor Oak brought him to the Academy after seeing immense bravery from Ollie when his two Eevee were caught in an avalanche on a mountain path. He fearlessly dived in to rescue them and dragged them out and kept them warm with his coat while he shivered in the cold. As a result, his Eevee evolved into Espeon and Umbreon and were able to lead him to safety. After hearing this story, Prof. Oak asked him to join the academy. It is not known where he grew up as years back, Team Rocket invaded his village and he was lost in the panic and grew up with his Eevee. He had been 9 at this time.

Speciesun Pokemon
Personality: Very loyal and smart. Gets easily frustrated with her brother Lunar, but is very mature and tends to protect him as much as possible, often getting her hurt in the process. Has a sun shaped mark on her forehead.
Movessychic, Tickle, Return, Double Team, Round, Dig

Species:Moonlight Pokemon
Personality: Extremely mischievous and loves a good joke. Loves to battle, but has a soft spot for Baby Pokemon. He likes to look after them and often fends for them in the wild. Often annoys older sister Solar. Has a crescent moon shaped mark on his forehead.
Movesand Attack, Snarl, Return, Double Team, Fake Tears, Hidden Power (Fire)

White 2: