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Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
Who are the starter? Nice hack anyway
The starters are: Geodude, pidget, machop

There are 17 types in the game if i exclude normal there are 16 types... I am thinking about making each gym cover 2 types....

Monotype is boring as you can go into the fights with the type the gym leader is weak against and win.. Even though in my version thats not that easy anyway :p

Its just a thought...

Team aqua and magma... I am also considering giving them another type to fight alongside their respective water and fire types, because groudon is a ground type but they have fire pokemon only .. so would make sense if team magma also have ground type isn it as well as fire ? and team aqua have ice type pokemon as well because water and ice go hand in hand in my opinion...

Edit on 28/12/2012 at 22.29: I have found a few pokemon trainers whose pokemon only knew struggle i will fix that and will also make sure you can not just walk past trainers and have to face any trainer in gyms from now on. I will also change every single gym pokemon type, because i feel the gym types used are to easy to beat... every single pokemon type used in gyms will change. A few other minor fixed will be done as well...

fixed things:

Found and fixed pokemon which only knew struggle
made sure you can not walk past any trainer in gyms any more

More to follow...
WIll release next version soon with mentioned fixes and more
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