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I'm a bit mixed on Prime Minister Trudeau. I think he was terrific Canadian with a lasting impact on the nation. Extremely influential and central to where we are today as Canadians. He successfully improved Canada's standing in the world, both transformed and defined Canada's values, and established the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the constitution -for which all Canadians should be proud and thankful.

But he also tanked the economy and left a massive debt. And while not the blame of the recession in the early '80s (that was global), I wouldn't say the country weathered it well under him either. And then to account for the inflation caused, the Bank of Canada had to raise interest rates (several times) which then compounded the debt under Mulroney (not helpful when trying to combat another global recession) and Chrétien's beginning. Didn't really come out of all of it until Chrétien and Martin took over in the '90s.

Two lasting legacies; one good and one not-so-good. I do appreciate what he did socially long-term for the country though. But, I think that's only one side of the coin.


That aside, on the currency topic above. I'm so not looking forward to having Prince Charles' mug on our coins lol