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Assembling (I think that's the word :D ) a team

Team name: (name to be decided by all of us)
Team Leader: ptisnjunk95 (me) for now
Current Members: ptisnjunk95 (me)
Current Game title: Pokémon - The Dragon Journey (being developed in RMXP)
Current progress made: The region's map, a bit of the story line, heroes' sprites, some maps (3 routes, and 2 towns (with insides) and 1 city (without insides) )
Position(s) needed: 3 pixel artists (one for tilesets, one for fakémons and one for trainers and overworlds), and a scripter (I'm a n00b in Ruby)
Timezone: Mine is GMT+0 but I don't care about the timezone.
Preferred Method of contact: pm or mail me: [email protected]
Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots: [Screenshots attached]. I don't have a thread yet
Additional info: I thought that I could do the game by myself only with the Pkmn Essentials, but I now I want to do an epic game! The story line is being written by me, but if you're going to work on the game, you have the right to give new ideas
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