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ミハラ Ariel

When Ariel is woken by a rather bookish looking woman, she hasn't reached her REM cycle yet, so her little nap couldn't have lasted for more than two hours. She checked a nearby wall clock, it proudly displaying 9:30 for all interested people to see.

She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, fixing herself up as she did so. The woman who woke her up stood vigil like a castle gargoyle which slightly unnerved her. Well, sorry if she fell asleep. Is it her fault that her Treecko's checkup is taking this long. Oh, right. She still has to name the little fellow.

"Ohayo~ Atashi wa Ariel." Ariel chanted, slipping the hat back into her bag. Suddenly, she remembered that people around here speak in English and immediately moved to correct it. "Sumimasen... Would you like a seat? I'm waiting for my Pokemon to heal."

[1] Yes, this is Ariel. I'm going to color code the Personalities' texts. This destroys my Penmanship, but it should be easier for you. Although next time I'm also going to make it clearer on which personality is active, as each are quite distinct.

[2] I haven't set a personality for the 3rd yet. I was thinking of a Yandere-type character...
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