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    Marcus walked around the city of Petalburg, desperate to find the Pokemon Center without encountering either a Pokemon run astray or a trainer in search of battle. The town itself was small, even if it was quite large compared to Littleroot and Oldale. The buildings blended perfectly with the natural landscape as if they were always meant to be there. Marcus had been so distracted with the scenary he hadn't thought to check where he was going, something he realized too late as he walked right into a sign.

    "What the hell?" He questioned aloud, his eyes examining the sign with a hate filled glare. "Challenge the Gym Leader Norman to test your skill." Marcus read, his hate for the sign decreasing with every word spoken. "If I can find the Center I'll do it." Marcus decided, saying the words aloud to see if some godly force would suddenly let him find the Center as a sign to do the battle.

    "Holy mother ****ing jesus." Marcus couldn't contain the words, upon his declaration of needing a Pokemon Center for the Challenge he had walked but three steps before turning a corner and seeing just that. The red roof was like a beacon as it guided him in, his worries alleviated with each step as he neared the greatest friend any trainer could have.

    "Hello! Do you need any assistance?" The cheerful nurse questioned, her pink hair styled exactly like the other nurses he'd met. Giving her his two Pokemon he quickly took a seat, trying to decide whether or not he actually stood a chance against a seasoned trainer with a type specialty. He doubted it, as he himself had just started and didn't even know how to use the types he had effectively, yet alone if he had any he was able to specialize in. In his train of thought he hadn't heard the nurse return, a tray holding his two pokeballs in her hands. "Here you go!"

    "Thanks," Marcus replied, a sudden thought making him call out to the nurse as she walked away, getting her to stop and stare at him with a quizzical look. "Do you think I could beat the Gym Leader if I were to battle him with my team?"

    Her face had saddened slightly, as if breaking the news was something she had become so used to having end negatively. "No," she answered, her head hung low for just a second before she lifted it, in high spirits once again. "Your not supposed to win the Petalburg Gym Badge until later on in your travels, the only reason to battle him now is to see where you are as a trainer and to recieve some guidance."

    "Do you think I should?"

    "Yeah, it can never hurt to push yourself."

    "Thanks Nurse Joy," Marcus stated before darting out of the Center, intent to return to the gym and see where he was a trainer. He knew he wouldn't win, that was clear from the nurses expression, but her words had shown him that winning wasn't the goal of his battle. His goal was to educate so the battles ahead won't all be as hard. Returning to the sign, he quickly read further upon its contents for directions to the gym, finding it much quicker than he had the Pokemon Center.

    "So this is it?" Marcus asked, his gaze falling upon the proud and almost sparkling building before him. Quickly, he entered, deciding it was best to start as soon as possible before anything could happen to prevent his battle. Upon entering he saw a small battlefield, and a bored looking trainer standing behind it. The trainers eyes lazily watching him as he held up a pokeball.

    "Welcome young trainer!" He greeted, his voice not at all as lazy as his eyes would have made one think. "If you are here for a battle it is to be one on one with no time limit."

    "Sure thing," Marcus replied as he readied the pokeball of his choice for the battle.

    "What is your name?"


    "Well Marcus, you may call me Norman. Before we begin I'd like to say that it will be an honor to battle an aspiring trainer such as yourself." The words had just left his mouth when he threw his pokeball into the air, releasing a strong but lazy looking Slaking before him, Marcus releasing his Pidgey in a similar matter, hoping the sheer difference in size won't be a factor. "You may begin."

    "Okay, Pidgey use Swagger!" Pidgey -- to Marcus' surprise -- obeyed, flying circles around the Slaking to the point of annoyance, but Marcus and Norman both knew full well that that annoyance was also added with confusion.

    "I see you fight with a little risk. Can't say that it is a style of fighting I can agree to, but I suppose it can have its rewards should it fall your way." Marcus couldn't help but roll his eyes at the word, "risk", something used to describe his fighting methods twice that day.

    "Tackle!" Marcus ordered, hoping to land as many hits as he could before Norman could counter. Pidgey seemed to be thinking the same thing as all its hits were quick and percise, although as Pidgey hovered in the air, finished with its assault, tired where as the Slaking was not, it revealed it was not damaging. "****," Marcus muttered.

    "Lets see which way your risk falls today. Slaking use Faint Attack!" The Slaking seemed hesitant to attack, but they both knew it was just a pause as it tried to fight the fog in its mind about where its opponent actually was. If only I had Double Team Marcus couldn't help but think, mentally cursing himself for not having caught a Pokemon with the move to make this battle even slightly bit easier. The Slaking seemed to have decided which target to attack as it brought its fists down, missing Pidgey by miles as its fists impacted the ground, cracking it slightly with its pure power but damaging itself a little as well.

    "My luck holds out. Pidgey Tackle again!" The Slaking once again seemed to absorb the attacks, its body unmoving as if it was too lazy to even try to counter. "What's with your Pokemon?"

    "Its lazy, he'll only attack maybe half the time. That, however, doesn't mean your to underestimate it. Okay?"

    "You got it." Pidgey had finished with multiple assaults, looking more damaged than the Slaking as it just lazily laid on the field, like a Snorlax without a care in the world. "Once more, Tackle!"

    "Got you," Norman stated with a sly grin, "Slaking use Chip away to your left." The Pokemon followed the orders without breaking a sweat, or even getting up from the ground, its arm lazily swinging out to its master's directions, hitting Pidgey before any call to dodge could be made. Marcus was left in shock, eying his defeated Pidgey on the ground, practically swirls in its eyes.

    Marcus was at a loss for words, not only had his Pokemon failed to do any real damage despite all the attacks it landed, but it had been defeated by only one of his opponents. "That must be the skill that everyone was mentioning," Marcus muttered as he returned Pidgey to its ball in a beam of red light.
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