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    Natsumi Aido - floor 4/Dysthaven - level 12

    Natsumi followed the others as they teleported to floor 4, it was funny to see how Fester used his Speed skill to get to the teleport fast, esspecially when Natsumi's skill is also speed, and cooking, she has really improved that over the month. That reminded her that she had some self-made sandwiches in her inventory. Hmmm… maybe she would give Kamui, Fester and Rose one later.

    Natsumi told shouted her next destination and got teleported, once she came there she heard Rose saying that Natsumi and esspecially Kamui had to stay close to her. Kamui still seemed worried so Natsumi decided to relieve him a little. "Don't worry, if your HP bar reaches the yeellow zone, i'll immediately jump in front of you." Natsumi said to the boy who was taller than her. Nice move, Natsumi, do ond more thing and they'll think you're a beater… she thought as she started slayering some sand worms. She was actually really nervous, these worms were almost the same lvl as her, if she stopped paying attention then she'll certainly die.

    Natsumi started thinking bout what Daisuke messaged her. He was in a guild now… Natsumi wasn't intending in joining one at all, she'll just level up and try to get in the front leads, maybe after that she'll join one. Natsumi then reminded herself to message him back, and that's what she did.

    What she didn't know was that a sand worm was about to attack her, but she smashed her blade against it a few times and went back to messaging. Yup, Natsumi gets irritated when you hold her up from doing something.
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