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    Hack name: Pokémon Silicon (title not 100%)

    Hack of:
    Pokémon Fire Red

    Additional information about the hack: Based around Jirachi and involves a conspiracy.

    Finished percentage: ~5% - general tileset has been inserted as well as a few specific tilesets, first few maps have been completed

    Your hacking skills: I'm a confident mapper as well as being able to edit trivial data (Pokémon data, trainers etc.)

    What help or skill you're looking for: A scripter who could also help develop plot and storyline ideas and motifs.

    Additional contact information: PM me here, email/msn me at [email protected] or find me at rom hackers online (Desastre)

    Additional information: I'm trying to incorporate a humourous but very dark plotline, so if humour's your thing feel free to contact as well Also some aspects of the story have already been thought out but I still need someone to help me out on a lot of ideas; also be aware that I like to incorporate a lot of twists