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I'm not really a mapper, but I'm a pretty good critic.

Originally Posted by Bramvdh View Post
Route 2
It's beautifully done, but there's too much things going on. Like ptisnjunk95 said, there are too many flowers and branches. Try cleaning up a bit. I give it an eight. Good job.

Originally Posted by ppooookkkkkkk View Post
this is a map from my game

It doesn't look perfect though, but it is great isn't it
It's okay, and I like the cleanliness, but it's just a bit too clean. Something's missing. The rocks on the water are way too organized, if you catch my drift. Try spreading them out. Also, there's something going on with the water, sand, and the grass. They're not mixing properly with the other tiles. I give it a six. I know you can do better.

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