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    Please Note:
    This fan-fiction contains explicit content such as:
    Explicit Language
    Expressed Violence
    Mass Chaos

    Pokemon - The Rise of Vee


    I woke up in a cold sweat. It was pretty much like every night before, the cool wind and the sounds of screams had sung me to sleep. My dream last night was strange though, I can’t remember it all, but I woke up feeling almost... new. I opened my eyes and flipped onto my right side, through the blur of my eyelids I could see the constant flames flickering as they devoured the city. I sat up and almost immediately fell back down, I was so weak. I hadn’t eaten in days, and the last drink of water I had was while trying to avoid a fight between a couple of gangs. I managed to sit up and catch my breath, I looked around to make sure nobody was around. Just waking up is not the best time to get robbed, or killed for that matter. I had fallen asleep on a hill near the old forest, which was barely alive anymore. I quickly stood up and brushed off my clothes and opened my bag. I had an empty water bottle, a couple plastic bags that had berry juice stained to the insides. I turned the bags inside out and licked them clean. I put them back into my backpack and zipped it up. I threw the bag over my shoulder and re-adjusted my baseball cap, I then headed straight for the forest. Walking through was not too bad, the trees were mostly dead so I could easily see any possible threats coming my way. I kept an ear and eye out for any thieves, as they were pretty common in this part of the region. I looked to the east and saw the sun peeking through some dark smoke clouds from the city. The sight made me think back to the days when everything wasn’t as bad. I guess I was just born in a bad time, but things weren’t nearly as rough as they are now. I remember getting up one morning to the fresh smell of fish, a rarity in the town I had grown up in. It was a pretty well-knit town, we all got along, and we’ve had our share of famous people visit. I was about 13 when the leaders had gone rogue. After being taken over by the #1 gang in all of our region, they just lost all faith. The regions besides ours quickly fell apart, news of burning cities, underground organizations taking over and creating a new order were shown on TV before the broadcast towers had been destroyed. A quick rustle in the trees had snapped me back to reality. I hadn’t payed any attention to where I had walked and now I was lost in the trees. I heard a twig snap in the opposite direction of the first sound. I quickly brought up my walking stick to try and defend myself. “Who’s there?” I shouted. My heart was racing with nerves, I had barely escaped my last encounter alive. I still have burns on my arms, and the skin on my leg was still discolored from being poisoned. I heard another rustle in the trees. I quickly ran away in an attempt to flee, but I couldn’t escape. I tripped on the vines that had grown over the forest floor. I closed my eyes, knowing I couldn’t escape any fate that was about to come my way. Just then my face had become drenched with cold water. I jumped at the splash and looked up. It looked at me with its big eyes. It was no bigger than a foot tall, and barely a foot long. Fins had grown on it’s skull and legs, giving it’s blue skin a nice glow. I stared at it for a good bit before it came up and sprayed me again with a blast of freezing cold water...“Muuuuud--kiip!” .. “OH S***!” I stood up and quickly fell back onto my ass. I hadn’t seen a wild Pokemon in over a year. I recognized its species, a Mudkip. I hadn’t seen one except on TV as a kid. I remember seeing a documentary on dual-typed Pokemon. Apparently, Mudkip’s evolved forms had a ground affinity as well. If I recall correctly, they are extremely rare as well... I looked into the Mudkip’s eyes as it came up and walked onto my chest. “Muuud--Muuud!” I couldn’t help but smile at the innocence of this Pokemon. It licked my cheek as I laughed. I picked it up and got back onto my feet. It smiled at me as I smiled at it. I knew today was different, I had met someone to help me on my journey. To help me change things. To help me follow in the infamous Red’s footsteps. To take down Team Rocket. To start an uprising, that will douse the flames of the burning cities. My name is Vee Mellows, and this is my story.
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