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Marcus was astounded upon recieving the offer. How was he to say no? Especially when the Pokemon inside could be anything. That thought alone was worth the risk of accepting the egg. A Togepi? A Caterpie? Any Pokemon was fine, but the egg itself seemed rather unidentifiable so he supposed he would have to wait and see.

"Sure, I'd love to!" Marcus exclaimed more excitedly than he had hoped to show, gratefully accepting the egg and carefully placing it in his backpack, mentally noting to himself not to just throw his backpack carelessly to the ground when he took it off anymore. Bidding an awkward farewell, Marcus found himself once again pacing around the streets of Petalburg. He was rather nervous about the fact that he had yet to run into any starting trainers such as himself, did they all get that far ahead of him?

He had been debating the thought with himself when a sudden feeling of cold shook him from his thoughts. "What is going on?" Marcus asked himself as he looked at the sky, watching as a small dots of white feel from the sky, softly landing on his skin before they melted to small droplets of water and fell to the ground. "Snow? Is it the season?" Marcus spun around, scanning in all directions with a curious glare, almost convinced something around him was the cause of the seemingly random extreme shift in weather.

"Snorunt!" A sudden cry filled the air, Marcus pin pointing the sound as coming from a nearby alley, where he couldn't help but notice the snow falling hardest. Running into the alley, he could hear the sounds of fighting. His worries of catching a cold and his questions of where to buy a jacket quickly forgotten as he saw the source of the noise before him.

"Pikachu!" The second Pokemon declared as it rushed the Snorunt that stood opposite it with a sudden jolt of electricity. Marcus could quickly see that the Pikachu was once under someones ownership but had been abandoned, seeing as nowhere nearby would naturally hold Pikachu's and its fur was covered in dirt and filth. The Snorunt, however, was a different story. It was clean, healthy, and from the way it seemed to be taking those attacks, only decently strong. Why was it in the city? It was found in a cave over by Mossdeep right? To complicate things further, what was it doing fighting a stray Pikachu?

"Pika, pikachu!" The yellow mouse exclaimed as it gestured to the ground, electricity cackling around the red sac's on its cheeks. That was when it hit Marcus: Snorunt had wandered into its alley. It was battle of territory, a battle that from the confused look on Snorunts face -- was a battle it didn't want to fight or didn't know it had too.

"Snorunt, sno!" The Pokemon tried to protest to the violence that seemed so random to it, but the Pikachu only readied for another strike, having none of Snorunts words. Marcus set his backpack down, knowing that what he was about to do didn't need to have the egg involved. Marcus saw the Pikachu launch its next attack, the lightning nearing its intended target, and Marcus -- doubting whether it was a good idea or not -- jumped into its way.

"Shiiiiiiiiiit!" Marcus yelled out in pain, the electricity coursing through his body giving him numbing pain that made him spasm and struggle to breathe. Luckily, the Pikachu stopped in surprise upon noticing that what it hit wasn't the Snorunt. Smoke almost seemed to be rising off of his body, but Marcus didn't care, he was just glad that Snorunt was safe, and that the snow it was somehow creating was numbing the pain. Readying a pokeball, Marcus quickly released Spheal, hopeful to take the Pikachu down, but mainly hoping for the assistance of the Snorunt he had protected.

Yet, the Snorunt did something Marcus hadn't predicted -- attacked him. A sudden chill running down his spine from the Snorunt's Icy Wind. A warning Marcus figured, telling him not to interfere. A proud Pokemon that was for sure, even though it wasn't defending itself before. It was a wierd one. It had become a three way battle. A battle that Marcus was at the disadvantage of.

"Great, try to help get attacked. Peachy." Marcus complained, trying to think of a quick way to end things. "Spheal Water Gun Snorunt!" The jet of water the Pokemon spat hit the Snorunt, but didn't affect it too much because of its typing. A bolt of electricity hitting Spheal while Marcus was distracted. What had he gotten himself into? The Snorunt quickly got to its feet, intent to deal with the Pikachu first as it fired another Icy Wind, one more focused and powerful than before. Marcus was content to help it along as he ordered Spheal to do the same. The two attacks blowing the Pikachu back into the brick wall at the end of the alley, possibly damaging it more than the attacks had.

"Spheal Water Gun Pikachu!" Marcus stated, he and Snorunt eying each other before giving each other a simple nod to show they were to work together until their common enemy was defeated. The Pikachu had found itself trapped between a wall and two opponents. Maybe if it had a trainer's guidance it could have escaped and won, but with one Pokemon always having Pikachu in the middle of its attack it was quickly defeated. Marcus looked at it with pity, it wasn't a bad Pokemon, it had just had bad luck. After dealing with Snorunt, he would be sure to take the Pokemon to the Pokemon Center, maybe the nurse could find someone that would give the Pokemon a good home.

However, the Snorunt that glared at him demanded his immediate attention. Although weak from its altercation with Pikachu, it was far from defeated. At least, not as long as Marcus was unable to do any super effective attacks on it. It may have been because of his previous distractions, but he had just noticed that the Pokemon was always shivering, as if it was cold just as he was. It was wierd, just as he was. He had to catch it.

"Spheal we're catching this one! Water Gun!" The Snorunt had retaliated with Icy Wind, Marcus unable to contain his surprise when the Water Gun had been pushed back by the chilly gust of wind, small chunks of ice from it returning to its source to pelt Spheal and Marcus. Thanks to both Pokemon having similar typing, it was going to be a long battle as long as Marcus didn't think of something else.

"Spheal, Icy Wind!" Snorunt had almost mirrored the move. Marcus saying almost as he almost considered it Snorunts only move so it had no choice, but he knew better. Both Pokemon slightly damaged from the combination of attacks. Marcus was beginning to notice the snow piling up on the ground, something which gave him an idea of how to strike back with a damaging blow. "Water Gun on the ground!" Marcus ordered, hoping his plan wasn't going to backfire as much as he believed it could. "Now dodge!" Marcus commanded, glad to see that Snorunt had acted as he predicted and fired an Icy Wind which caused the water to turn to ice, covering the alley in slippery footing. "Now to finish the plan, return to me and use Defense Curl!" The Spheal rolled back to his feet, intent to follow his every command as it tucked into a neat ball. He suddenly gave Spheal a little push towards Snorunt, who only looked on with a shocked look as his opponent struck him like a bowling ball thanks to the ice giving him momentum.

"Got him," Marcus stated proud that his plan had worked, readying a pokeball as the Snorunt began to pick himself up off of the ground. Throwing it, Marcus prayed to god that it would end favorably, but ready all the same should it not.
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