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So, I've always wanted to do this, and now I can! We're having a Little cup people, so grab your Lvl 5 Pokemon, and get ready for one of the most unique battle scenarios out there!

The basic premise is that everyone battles using a team of Pokemon of Level 5 who can still evolve, but have not. Pokemon who fit this description can be found here:
I will be running this tournament Swiss format, meaning that you will not be booted out upon losing a single match. If you end up losing a match, just try your hardest in all your other matches.

This Tourney will follow the rules set by Smogon here:
I'll give a quick run down of the core rules though, and the additional clauses I am invoking.
1. This is a WIFI tournament, so you need a Gen 5 game (Black, White, Black 2, White 2) in order to participate, as well as WIFI access.
2. All Pokemon must be Level 5.
3. All Pokemon must be in their first evolutionary stage, and be able to evolve.
4. Teams are 6 vs 6 singles, with no Wonder Launcher.
5. NO HACKING! This should be a given, but if you are caught hacking, you will be disqualified from the tournament. All hacking suspects' teams will be checked by an outside party that is not participating.
6. If you disconnect, it is up to you and your opponent how you should treat it, whether it be a rematch or one of you conceding the battle. If you cannot decide, then you will both forfeit the battle.
7. No discussing other participant's teams. You will be disqualified if you are caught doing so.
8. Sign ups will end and battling will begin Jan. 10th. Your team should be ready by this time, or you cannot participate. You have 3 days to get your battles done once match-ups are posted. Failure in completing your battle and not making a reasonable effort to schedule your battle will result in a loss. You may withdraw from the tournament at any time.
9. Clauses:
-Species Clause (Only one of each species allowed)
-Item Clause (Only one of each item allowed. The last thing we need is teams spamming Eviolite...)
-All clauses and banlists on the Smogon Little Cup rules page apply to this Tourney.
10. Have Fun!

Reporting wins/losses:
When you report your win or loss, please state what you won or lost by. Example:
Lost 0-2 against Eevee
or something like that.

#7 Squirtle ♂ (level 1)
OT: Breeder ♀ (White, 23955/22682)
Bold - Torrent - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Untrained
Tackle - Surf - Toxic - Rest
#4 Charmander ♀ (level 1)
OT: Breeder ♀ (White, 23955/22682)
Modest - Blaze - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Untrained
Scratch - Growl - Outrage - ***
#1 Bulbasaur ♀ (level 1)
OT: Breeder ♀ (White, 23955/22682)
Jolly - Overgrow - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Untrained
Tackle - *** - *** - ***

Here's how prize distribution will work:
1st Place: All 3 starters
2nd Place: Choice of 2 starters
3rd Place: Choice of 1 starter
Consolation Prize: IV bred Magikarp

Sign up by giving your Username and Friend Code.
Username: NecrumWarrior
FC: 2237-4962-6641

-NecrumWarrior: 2237 4962 6641
-Griffinbane: 1463 5558 5309
-Omicron: 4298 2314 1368
-Sukisu: 2495 2159 3079
-Iloveeevee: 4814 4358 3157
-tabor62: 5415 8531 1282
-johnny18/90210: 5115 1880 8422
-Icy Burn: (unknown)
-PokeInfuse: 4857 5379 6379
-Infectedbeast: 4685-7360-6473
-SuperTreaz: 1464 2514 9617
-roosterman: 1979 8164 1100

Feel free to PM/VM me if you have any questions!

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

You have until the end of Friday the 25th to finish your battles
Final scores will be posted here at the end of each battle
(15 pt) Iloveeevee vs Sukisu (5 pt)
(6 pt) NecrumWarrior vs Griffenbane (13 pt)
(7 pt) Omicron vs tabor62 (4 pt)
(1 pt) PokeInfuse vs Johnny18 (3 pts)


(3) Iloveeevee vs NecrumWarrior (1)
(0) Omicron vs Griffy (3)
(3) Sukisu vs tabor62 (0)
(0) PokeInfuse vs Johnny18 (1)


(0) Infectedbeast vs Iloveeevee (1)
(3) Omicron vs NecrumWarrior (0)
(4) Griffinbane vs tabor62 (0)
(0) Sukisu vs Johnny18 (1)
(0) Roosterman vs PokeInfuse (1)


(1) NecrumWarrior vs Infectedbeast (0)
(5) Iloveeevee vs Griffy (0)
(1) Sukisu vs PokeInfuse (0)
(0) Roosterman vs Omicron (1)
(3) tabor62 vs Johnny18 (0)


(0) Infectedbeast vs tabor62 (1)
(4) NecrumWarrior vs PokeInfuse (0)
(1) Sukisu vs Roosterman (0)
(0) Omicron vs Iloveeevee (3)
(0) Johnny18 vs Griffy (3)
(1) Supertreaz vs IcyBurn