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    Kotone's Diary

    So! In this second day, I've done many things. I trained a lot with my pokemons and they envolved.
    A random guy had offered me a slowpoke tail to eat, that was extremely gross. I got to Azalea town, passing through Union Cave. Something tells me to come back to that cave another day. Just before I arrive in the town, I had my first sight of what is a Team Rocket grunt. They are terrible! I passed by one of them just ignoring, and finally got foot at Azalea. I refreshed my pokemons at the PokeCenter, and gone to explore. This was how I discovered what they're really doing to the slowpokes. I felt the urge to help, so I got to the Slowpoke Well, and confronted the grunts and their boss. That was creepy, But I won and saved the slowpokes! Their tails are going to grow back hopefully.
    After that I returned to the city and focused on my own objectives. I challenged the gym leader Bugsy, and after solving a little puzzle I got to him and battled him. I won, and that wasn't so difficult with Sky.
    After that I explored more of the town and decided to go forward. Before I left Azalea, Silver went to me, challenging me. So we battled our pokemons and I won again. He got just pissed off.
    I left the town and so set foot at Ilex Forest, and noticed a guy who was needing help with his boss' farfetch'ds. I snicked from behind them and captured them, returning them to the guy. Right after that, his boss showed up, and thanked me for the help giving me the HM01 Cut.
    Furry wanted to learn Cut, so that she could help me. She envolved a while before we all got to Azalea, because she saw Ivy and Sky envolving as well. As she has this helpful spirit, she managed to envolve.
    I got through the forest, and as I was passing by I encountered a kimono girl again. She was lost in the forest, so Sky helped her to find the exit.
    I also managed to exit Ilex forest, and I just met my friend Ethan in the Daycare. His Grandpa and Grandma work there, and we all echanged our pokegear numbers.


    Ivy, the bayleef ♀ Lv.26
    Leaf Blade / PoisonPowder / Reflect / Tackle

    Sky, the pidgeotto ♀ Lv.26
    Gust / FeatherDance / Roost / Twister

    Other buddies in party:

    Furry, the furret ♀ Lv.22


    PS: Tomorrow I'll post all the screenies. Right now I don't have any time. n_n

    Kotone's Diary

    Another day already, and one new badge!
    I walked to Goldenrod City, and when I entered to the PokeCenter I met Bill. He's an important gu, as he made the PC system.
    And that's some really big city, so I went to shopping, obviously ^_^. Also, I received a byke from the owner of a Byke Shop because he was needing adversisement. When I was exploring this city, I went to the Radio Tower, where I won a quizz and impressed Whitney,the gymleader of Goldenrod. Then I got to her gym and defeated her, and that kinda hurt her feelings. She's a sensitive person I guess. Anyway, after that she gave me the Plain badge and TM45 Attract.
    I left the Flower Shop for last as it was just aside of the gym. Then a girl gave me a SquirtBottle, that I used right after that in the middle of my way to Ecruteak city: A sudowoodo was blocking the path, and I battled it and maked it run away.
    Oh, and that togepi baby? Well, it wasn't able to run in a trip with me, so I gave it to prof. Elm.


    Ivy, the bayleef ♀ Lv.29
    Leaf Blade / PoisonPowder / Reflect / Tackle

    Sky, the pidgeotto ♀ Lv.27
    Gust / FeatherDance / Roost / Twister

    The helping hand:

    Furry, the furret ♀ Lv.22


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