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    Originally Posted by TheShinyEevee View Post
    and Lunafloon on the Charmander! That little fiery gal definitely helps with your yellow theme, huh? ^_^
    Thank you! She sure does! There's just something about yellow shinies I like. I don't even mean to collect so many but I guess I may as well make it a thing now, especially since I'm hunting Shinx on Platinum soon :P

    A lot of Treekos being hunted for around here! Good luck finding those blue and red geckos, and any other hunts taking place. I'm in the process of hatching my stockpile of 330 Snover eggs, which brings the total number of eggs to 530! MMing is fun and frustrating all at once, that's only (roughly) half the odds and I already feel like it's taken forever!
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