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    If mamoswine got smack down, that would be amazing. Think about it; the only real "counters" to mamoswine(that are actually used and not some obscure crap) are skarm, bronzong, rotom-wash, and intimidate gyarados. Skarm, arguably the most used of the four, is absolutely destroyed by EQ after it's been smacked down.
    252 Atk Life Orb Mamoswine (+Atk) Earthquake vs 252 HP/252 Def Skarmory (+Def) : 79.94% - 94.31% (2 hits to KO)

    Bronzong is utterly smashed to pieces by mamoswine as well
    252 Atk Life Orb Mamoswine (+Atk) Earthquake vs 252 HP/252 Def Bronzong (+Def) : 89.64% - 105.62% (37.5% chance to OHKO)

    Mamoswine also demolishes rotom-wash as well, because most washers nowadays are either choiced(you're ****ed anyways), or tanks(where you ohko them with EQ)
    Physically defensive gyarados actually takes a decent chunk of HP from eq
    252 -1 Atk Life Orb Mamoswine (+Atk) Earthquake vs 248 HP/252 Def Gyarados (+Def) : 33.59% - 39.69% (3-4 hits to KO)
    and you kill with it after some hazards and smack down damage(it's super effective lol).

    Same thing with piloswine in NU(i just noticed that the thread was supposed to be NU lol, SORRY), but there aren't nearly as many walls that would be easier to deal with when grounded.

    As for the ability thing, obviously a lot of pokes would definitely appreciate a certain ability(pure power slaking)
    Hax is supposed to happen. Scald has a 100% burn rate(willowisp w/ perfect accuracy); paralysis has a 75% chance of kicking in; Rock slide misses more than stone edge; Hustle= 50% more power at the cost of 100% accuracy.
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