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    Originally Posted by Uzigunner View Post
    Can't wait to lay the smackdown on the game, but I do feel the need to ask though, were the elemental punches physical or special moves without the physical/special split, if it's special can someone please tell me what I should replace with Conkeldur's Payback, also, DRG, if u r planning on giving Close Combat in Beta 2, would u consider replacing Thrash with it. Another bug , is that after I beat Kayo or that Silver look alike guy, for the final time in the beta, u know the cave where Pete dissapears to, for some reason, I can't get through the cave meaning that I can't even enter it, so I couldn't fight evil Pete T-T . Last question, r u still considering putting The Magician's intro theme from the House of the Dead II in Beta 2? Sorry for the continuous questions I wanna let out what I have been meaning to ask u all along. Sorry :(
    Sorry, the theme didn't make the cut since I couldn't find any music inserter. I'm going to build a diverse group of hackers in a team for dark rising 2. So it may possibly be in that one when you FINALLY face DARUGIS. Also, if you couldn't get through that cave, then you must've had an older rom and didn't download the updated version. But all of that should be clear in the final version. I'm uploading it...Now. Wait 15 minutes before downloading from the main post. ENJOY ^.^ (I'll post when it's offically finally up)

    Dark Rising 1 the full completed hack is now released and up on the main post to download. It's highly recommended that you start over to experience the full hack and play through 2 new events that play a huge role in what's to come in the sequel. Thank You Everyone & Enjoy. Remember, if you spot any serious errors or glitches, please post them here. I will be checking in every now and then to correct them.