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    I really, really dislike that not only can you not get berries anywhere except the dream world and a couple in game NPC's but you also have to do the dream world in order to get (dream world) abilities for your pokemon. The dream world is an annoying time sink that I don't want to be pressured to use.

    We should be able to plant berries like in previous games or obtain them in a less complex format. I'd rather dream world abilities not exist or be obtainable without accessing the dreamworld (or trading). I played dream world a couple times for an hour each time and it really wasn't interesting. I don't think they accomplished bringing players together, but just made a cumbersome way of restricting valuble items (+abilities) to those willing to tolerate it.

    I'd really like there to be an easier way to view individual values such as the pokemons summary page or perhaps an in game item. Something that gave you exact numerical values. It's not too difficult to use an online IV calculator to get close estimates but at this point I don't see why that should be neccessary. The pokemon charcteristics text doesn't go far enough in my opinion.
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