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I'd like to see more grass-types of the NU tier such as Bellossom and Ludicolo get Spore. 75% accuracy moves aren't reliable, so it'd be brilliant to see them have it other than just Amoongus. That way it'd be ensured the opponent would be put to sleep, (if it doesn't have an ability that prevents sleep) so you can get a few hard hits while the opponent is helpless ;). What do you guys think?

Ahh yeah poor Piloswine ;___;. I don't like how it can't do much against opponents, it's alright in defense and has a good source of HP, but other than that it's slow and usually struck first with its major weaknesses (rock.) I dunno, it's not too bad of an NU Pokemon, but I don't find it helpful in battle at all. Does anyone agree with this ;__;?

If Musharna learnt Recover, then that would interesting. It has a good source of defense compared to most Psychic types, so I think this would suit it well, when in a dangerous situation with low HP. I like the idea :3. As for Magic Guard however, that would be a useful ability, since it wouldn't get status inflictions and all those stat decreases, but it would give the appearance of an invincible Pokemon and is that a good thing necessarily?
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