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I think guns shouldn't be outright banned but that anybody who wants to get one should go through the same examinations required to drive a car: being taught how to use them, passing a test to prove you can use them, passing a medical examination to ensure your eyesight and all is okay, and going throught a mental assessment to make sure you aren't crazy. Like driving licences, they should be renewed every other year (5, 10). And, of course, no assault rifles anywhere. A 10-shot gun should be good enough to defend yourself from any boogeyman, let the professional stuff for professionals (police, army, and all those people who use weapons for a living).

And again, it's a matter of education. Here in Europe we aren't told to carry a gun in all cases to defend ourselves. As a result, I have only seen one gun in my entire life (a policeman's), nobody wants to get any (other than professionals), it's absurdly hard to get your hands on one, and the amount of shootings here is anecdotal, with no yearly carnages or anything remotely similar. And we feel safe, not because we have a weapon to defend ourselves, but because we assume that nobody will use one to hurt us in the first place
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