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    Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
    Okay here is my SU, I hope this is okay.

    Part 1

    Name: Redd L. Marcus
    Title: N/A
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Home: Loka in The Grand Line (Fictional) – Loka is a small, poor island with only a moderately sized village on it as settlement. The island has been a target by both Marines and Pirates alike due to the wide range of medicinal plants found on the island.
    Occupation: Doctor, especially knowledgeable on poisons and physiology
    Setting: Bounty Hunter – Marcus has operated underground for some time now using his knowledge of toxins and the human body to take in, or take out targets... for the right price.
    Appearance: Marcus has what appears to be an average, thin body but despite this appearance is physically fit and reasonably strong due to training of his body for his work as a bounty hunter. He has shaggy, long black hair that is short on the sides and a messy fringe and his eyes are deep and dark blue in colour.
    His typical attire consists of long black pants with torn bottoms on the legs, a simple white shirt and long brown coat that reaches to below his knees. He usually wears this coat open but in particularly cold weather it will be closed. His has a black, leather belt around his waist with several brown pouches that contain medical tools and poisons attached to it. He wears short, lace up brown boots and has a pierces left ear which has a small chain with a gold ball hanging from the end in it. He also has a thin scar just under his left eye that extends vertically down to about half-way down his nose.
    Personality: Marcus tends to be a sarcastic person and has a jokey side to him, not to say that he can’t be serious when he needs to be though. He’s generally respectful to people and is loyal once befriended but has a particularly nasty and sadistic side which is usually aimed towards those he doesn’t like, although anyone who knows him recommends you don’t make him angry, friend or not. He has few things he particularly enjoys with the exception of a bizarre hobby for experimenting with medicine and poison. He becomes particularly annoyed by bad attempts at first aid, people who underestimate him and with people who are unrealistic in their belief or attitudes. He is also kind of touchy as to what the “L” in his name stands for.
    Goal: It is hard to define his goal. He simply wants to make a living through his work and to explore the world. He doesn’t particularly want to be rich, but won’t complain about making some decent money. He intends to find a former partner on a job and torture and kill him (see background). He also has an interest in seeing Loka again but is rather nervous about this.

    Part 2

    Devil Fruit: None
    Weapons: Marcus uses a fairly wide range of weapons consisting of darts, scalpels and short, flat blades that are, more often than not, poisoned with some sort of toxin. He will also sometimes use vials of these toxins alone and when necessary knows the body well and is competent in hand-to hand combat. He is experimenting with toxins that could neutralise devil fruit but has been largely unsuccessful.
    Powers: Marcus has extraordinary aim which when combined with his kills with poisons and knowledge of biology/physiology can make him a deadly opponent. When not using ranged methods of attack Marcus uses a fighting style revolving around hitting weak points on the body and pressure points or cutting vital point with a scalpel or blade. His main weaknesses are his inexperience with fire-arms (although he’d like to learn at some point) and that his opponents tend to be physically stronger than him or posses a devil fruit.
    Background: Marcus’ home was attacked and raided by pirates a lot and was often raided by marines as well due to the unique medicinal plant life of the island. This resulted in attacks from both pirates and brutish marines, who viewed the small community on the island as an obstacle rather than a settlement. Sometimes the island even became a battle ground between different groups of pirates or pirates and the marines. Eventually Marcus got sick of being passive in the world and left his home to become a bounty hunter, he specifically wants to find a pirate who is responsible for the extinction of a rare, life saving plant that could have cured an otherwise lethal ailment his mother had. It was her death that, at the age of 17, caused him to leave.
    He spent the years after leaving his home on Loka travelling from place to place but mostly avoiding The Grand Line since he wanted to stay away from Loka for a long time. He has since decided that at some point he would like to see what has become of his home and family.
    In his last bounty hunting job he had been forced to work with another bounty hunter who got him drunk, drugged him with his own poison, beat him and pushed him out to sea in a rickety boat. He has since woken up in Ruedaya; very sore, slightly disorientated and unable to remember his former partner’s identity. He would very much like to find this person and inject him with one of his many painful serums.

    Let me know if anything needs changing.
    If you could, fix the formatting so I can read your sign-up better.

    It's looking good so far. I'd like you to extrapolate a bit on his appearance, personality and background. Another thing you should know is that on the Grand Line, islands have weather patterns unique to them based on the 4 seasons, so it can be a summer, fall, winter or spring island. For example, a winter island is probably snowy rear-round while a summer island is hot year round is likely either very tropical or very arid, like a desert.

    I'd also like you to explain why and how he left the Grand Line. Or if you'd like, you may just have him be from an island of the other 4 seas.

    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    Pyro, I think the larger problem than race is gonna be the sausage-party crew. The ship will be dripping with chauvanol.
    Heheh, it'll be like the anime. They all have black hair too.

    By the way did you get around to adding to your background and strip away the formatting some?

    I'll be sending PMs out for those who haven't completed their applications yet and have them finish soon.

    I'll want to have at least one other person finish before we start the RP as we do have a fair enough amount of people and we can probably flex the essential roles. I just hope one of you has some cooking skill because Mei's a picky eater!

    Beyond this, I plan to have this start later this week after the Christmas buzz dies down or weekend after and sign-ups will remain open until we fill the necessary positions.
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