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Adelaide Smith
Oldale Town

Both Adelaide and Chanel watched with tilted heads, as the apparent vagrant took her time to wake up from the apparently comfortable bench. Ariel's mien brought to mind many different tropes, but it would take Adelaide a little more time to decipher this aspect of her dreamworld completely. The hobo thing wasn't true, at least, for she seemed to be multicultural, and immigrants were rarely poor, at least to the teen's knowledge.

The invitation to sit down was not unwelcome, as Adelaide came to notice just how much walking she'd been doing that day. "Thanks. I'm Adelaide, and this is Chanel." Adelaide smiled kindly in response, taking a seat right beside Ariel; her personal space was far smaller than most, thanks to time spent in densely-packed New York streets. As she sat, Chanel climbed aboard her lap and gazed at the trees, a shade covering the small Pokemon's face thanks to her cap. "Sorry for interrupting your nap, but there are a bunch of thieves causing some aggro across the region. Didn't want somebody to be vulnerable, y'know?"
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