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    Originally Posted by coolcatkim22 View Post
    I don't know what that is.
    Fans who think anything that's not like Gen 1 is crud.

    So, what?
    So it means the game's story is slowly evolving to what the developers originally planned.

    Not necessarily. Although guides are helpful so long as the game isn't too convoluted and you pay avid attention you could probably figure it out on your own.
    Even so, the point I was trying to make is that no matter how difficult a game is, so long as it isn't broken do not try to fix it by making it simple.
    You have no idea how many people hate Victory Road, as well as Mt. Coronet, because of their frustrating puzzles. The series' primary target are children, and they don't want to place time-consuming puzzles. If you really want the puzzles to stay complex, then they could try to input a super guide like they did with the Zelda games to help younger players.

    Well, when I was talking about the grinding system I was more referring to how Audinos are everywhere and you get a Lucky Egg and Exp. Share very early on in the games. Not to mention how there are trainers every where.
    Then don't face Audinos; they're really easy to avoid.

    Wow, way to insult modern games. Basically you're saying that NES and arcade games are the only good games. That's sad, that's really sad.
    When did I ever said that? You said you wanted games to challenge you, and I only said you should play NES/arcade games, because modern games aren't as difficult as those games. Regardless of that, Iceman3317 pretty much nailed why you find these Pokemon games easy, because you've been playing Pokemon for years. Have you ever considered reading any of these comment on this thread?
    And Mercy too.
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