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Name: Kaia Rynhart

Age (13+): 16

Appearance (Description or Image): Kaia is an extremely short girl for her age, only 5'0. Her 's' shaped curly hair is a soft shade of black, reaching her mid-back. She is petite on top and slightly curvy on bottom, and due to her biracial heritage (black and white), her skin is a dark olive color. She has doe-like dark hazel eyes, which are commonly mistaken for brown. Her heart-shaped face carries features such as her small nose, chin and cheekbones, in contrast to her rather large eyes.

Kaia normally sports slightly baggy, scoop neck t-shirts with dark-wash skinny jeans and dark brown ankle-high boots to match. She also wears a lilac backpack on her back that carries all of her supplies, her pokedex and her pokeballs.

Personality: Kaia is a very energetic, friendly girl. She is also a very dedicated and determined person, but she is extremely naive. She is usually an optimistic person, but just like any other person, she has her moments of doubt. She distributes trust like a good mother would give out sweets to her children. Cautiously and with care. It's something that is earned from her, not given.

She has a difficult time understanding other people and understanding why others do certain things. Something that usually works to her disadvantage when it comes to understanding people is she is not one to consider putting herself in someone else's shoes. She likes to see things her way and likes to think her way is generally the right way, as would be expected out of a 16-year-old girl. She is very particular about her clothing, that is for sure.

Kaia is also a very competitive person, something her comrades always found to be annoying. But, something that is often a surprise to many is the fact that she is not a sore loser. She accepts defeat gingerly unless she believes she's been cheated.

She isn't one to think quickly and easily on her feet. She likes to think things through and weigh her options before she makes a move, something that works as an advantage at times and a disadvantage at others

History and motives for entering: From birth to the age of ten, Kaia was a bouncy, bubbly, and happy child. She ran through the house like a wild animal, always smiling and having fun. She never talked back, though, and she never complained. She never cried, or and it was a rare occasion for her to do anything negative a normal child would do. She was always a loving child, and had loving parents to match.

One afternoon, her parents decided they wanted to go out for dinner. This wasn't unusual, about every few weeks or so they'd go out on a Friday night together. Of course, Kaia never minded. She was dropped off at her grandmothers like every other Friday night outing her parents went out on. But, Kaia did mind when her parents never came back to pick her up. Instead, her grandmother received a phone call from the police, stating that her parents had died in a car crash on their way back from dinner.

When her parent's died, custody was transferred to the closest relative she had besides her parents, and that was her grandmother. At first, Kaia didn't want anything to do with her grandmother. She didn't want anything to do with anybody. She hated the fact that her parents were gone, and that it'd be a while before she'd see them again. Because of this, she didn't yet see the point in getting close to anyone else if they'd just later be taken from her. No, she wasn't exactly depressed, but she was never the same optimistic person again.

After about a year, though, she stopped distancing herself from other people. She started to gain her old spark back, but, as stated before, she was never quite the same as she used to be.

Kaia has decided to enter the tournament to prove herself to her grandmother, who has always been against Pokemon training. "It is a destructive art for both the human and the Pokemon involved." she had always said, but never denied Kaia the chance to train because she was also a strong believer in responsibility, which she felt Kaia would learn had she adopted the trade of Pokemon training. Kaia doesn't necessarily have a want for the money, but it would obviously be a nice bonus.

Current Team as of entry (species, gender, ability, 4 moves)

Glaceon--Female--Snow Cloak--Blizzard/Ice Beam/Ice Fang/Bite

Luxray--Male--Intimidate--Charge Beam/Thunder/Protect/Bite

Poliwrath--Male--Water Absorb--Bubble Beam/Protect/Giga Impact/Toxic

Charmeleon--Female--Blaze--Fire Spin/Flamethrower/Fire Punch/Cut

Alakazam--Male--Synchronize--Psychic/Psybeam/Shadow Ball/Thunder Wave

Roserade--Female--Energy Ball/Hyper Beam/Solar Beam/Roar

Any other relevant info: None that I can think of.

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