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    Thomas Elias Brown
    Randy Greyson Jr.
    Sir Quincy Marley

    Come sail away!

    Thomas sighed and leaned against the railing. He and Randy were on the boat fine, but Quincy was detained. Apparently he wasn't an American citizen, so they had to re-examine all his paperwork. Like one British guy with a Treecko was a terrorist. Whatever. Oh well. Randy was complaining about something. Or boasting about something. Thomas didn't care. He had stopped paying attention. He reached down and absently scratched Esper's ears, making the cat purr.


    Thomas looked around for the source of the soft growl, only to focus his attention on Elektrike. The dog thing was staring sadly at him and Esper, looking kind of jealous. Wait, could poemon have expressions? Well, Electrike certainly looked like he had a pained, jealous expression. Thomas knelt down and extended his hand to the pokemon, who sniffed it. He growled fiercely when Thomas moved to pet him, so Thomas moved his hand back.


    Thomas jerked in shock and looked around, feeling Esper nuzzling his leg, rubbing happily, purring loudly. Who had said that? He looked At Randy, who was holding tight to the railing, looking queezy. Certainly not him. He looked at the psychic type, who's eyes were shining brightly... With emotion, of course. Intelligence? Yes, Esper was intelligent, but could he communicate?


    "Huh? Esper... Are you... ?" Thomas asked. Esper purred louder and rubbed against his loose hand. How odd. Could Esper actually talk, despite the fact he was a pokemon? Really, was it possible?

    "Hey, how are you gents?" Quin said, walking over and draping his hand on Thomas's.

    "Uhg... I'm sick..." Randy groaned, gagging softly. Thomas grinned.

    "I have an idea, how about a battle to take your mind off of it?" Thomas suggested quietly. Randy looked at him curiously and nodded slowly. Thomas smiled and gestured at the deck.
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