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    Update 1

    I decided to go ahead and update what little progress I've had. I named my character after me, Jamie. Then I went and got my starter, Bulbasaur. I'm not going to lie. I made it quite difficult for myself with the Pokemon I picked. It will be awhile before I can even get my second Pokemon. Oh well, too late now. My trusty Bulbasaur can handle whatever we face for now. Oh, did I mention my Bulbasaur was female? That's pretty rare for me, a female starter. I then battled my Rival, Gary and almost lost with only 1 HP left. Yikes. Then I went up Route 1 and got Prof. Oak's parcel from the Pokemart. I delivered it and went on towards Viridian Forest. After walking around for two minutes, I realised I forgot to buy supplies. After heading back to Viridian City and doing some extreme shopping too exciting to even type, I went back to Viridian Forest. It was mostly uneventful, with some trainer battles here and there. Bulbasaur leveled up like a boss, though. I'm now in Pewter City. I could easily walk over to the gym and defeat Brock with Bulbasaur, but I don't feel like it at the moment.

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