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    Amy's Neighborhood Ruins


    Held Item(s):

    Chapter One:
    Neighborhood Ruins

    Part Eight

    Blaine chuckled and replied, "Well, through the use of Celebi, the legendary Pokemon that controlled time. Same method used to bring Amy here, though she wasn't supposed to be here in this time. As for your second question, you'll see through here." Blaine opened a door to the next room, unlocked by a key. He'd completely ignored Lucy - Or rather, he didn't want to respond. Nothing is more intimidating than that stomach. As they entered the room, Amy stuck by closer to Lucy than anyone. It seemed only Lucy could see the slight fear beneath the girl's silent anger. This might imply that Amy has an idea of what this man is plotting.

    Entering the room, the group would find a large desk covered in old books, posters and papers lining every inch of the walls, and pins connecting string from one poster to another, all over. On the desk was a multitude of beakers, test tubes, and various liquids in each. "This, my guests, is the answer." He lifts a single tests tube, radiating with the glow of a bright purple liquid. "A formula that's taken me months of nonstop research! If I can produce more of this serum, I can rescue the Pokemon from humans once and for all!" He laughed a laugh that screamed maniacal madman. Amy seemingly already knew what this was, because fear and anger both swelled about her.

    "And... What does the serum do?" There was a slight shakiness in her voice, but it wasn't just Amy.

    "Ah, yes... This serum, if either ingested or injected into the blood, will not only prevent fusion, but destroy Spirit Wielders /forever/."

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