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Not doing a whole lot in Black ATM. I did catch a good Sawk - Jolly, with great IVs. Trained him a bit and leveled up a few others, but I haven't done Lenora's gym yet. I want to finish up catching Munnas, since the game steers you into Pinwheel Forest right after Lenora's gym, and I don't have all the Synchronizers I want yet - in particular, I haven't gotten either Modest or Timid yet. So I'm turning little circles in the Dreamyard, hunting for Synchronize Munnas. At least I can tell immediately if they have Synchronize, since the alternative is Forewarn, which shows up on-screen. But it's slow going anyway. And it doesn't help that I gave in to the temptation and started a Nuzlocke in the VoltWhite Full hack, which has been a lot of fun, though a bit exhausting, since everything's tougher.

Just a few more Munnas to go. Maybe this next one will be Timid or Modest...