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    I JUST uploaded the updated rom which fixes the Adrian battle And allows you to get both Throh and Sawk. I've tested all 3 errors myself and they Now work perfectly. Also, according to Mia-Mia San, the Adrian event was the Last & Only game-stopping error remaining in the hack. Therefore, download the now updated rom and enjoy it til the end!

    Originally Posted by Chrisilly View Post
    Hello guys,
    I'm new to this forum and I stumbled into this really cool looking hack. What got me thinking though (and it's probably noted somewhere) is that it's based of fire red (3rd Gen). Does this mean there's no physical/special split in the attacks, but is dependent on typing? Sorry to bother with this question, but can't find any info on that atm.
    Sorry, but the physical/special split is not in this hack. However, all of the Pokemon who gain advantages from it that are in the hack will learn moves that benefit their specific attack type. For example, a good move set for Conkeldurr in the hack would be Stone Edge, Earthquake, Bulk Up, Superpower/Mach Punch. Although the elemental punches don't help him at all in this hack, he can still learn them and the move set I just mentioned more than makes up for the lost of the elemental punches. So just try to work around it and try different moves. Build balance attack type teams.