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Well, I'd like to simply talk about this show, so I made this thread. ^^ But, yeah, I like Adventure Time, it's kinda cool, also, which pairings do you ship and do you have fan characters? I don't have fan character but I do like alot of pairings, both canon and non-canon, being, as a list:

Fionna X Finn
Finn X Marceline
Fionna X Marshall Lee
Marceline X Marshall Lee (Non-canon, but my favorite couple of the possible combinations ^^)
Flame Princess X Finn (It's so cute! :D)
Ice King X Ice Queen (No fanart on this one from me... yet... but it is fitting :D)
Princess Bubblegum X Prince Gumball
Jake X Lady Rainicorn

Yeah, you might have seen this already, but most of them are gender bent X normal, but I find it cute :D So, do you like this show? Well, it is my favorite, I like fantasy stuff! ;) Also, I'm perfectly open to start an Adventure Time RP in my email or private message, but most likely on my DA account, I mean, I'm pretty obsessed with RPing, but in a good way ^^ I may RP Marshall X Marceline or adventure/plot based, or both, or, well, you may just ask me ^^ Feel free to speak to me, and have fun discussing, and, if you want to, RP with me anything Adventure Time, couple or not! ;)
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