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    Jercio Shade (Jason)
    New Bark Town

    “How could something like this go wrong? Well a lot of ways really, but that’s not my point, this was supposed to be my get away, my chance to be someplace where I wanted to actually be.” Jercio ranted as he paced along the entrance to route twenty nine.

    He was a culmination of all different emotions. He was pissed at the developer for making the entire game hardcore mode, depressed because he knew he was trapped here as some fake person in a fake world, but all at the same time he was excited. Deadly or not this was the world of pokemon. For a lifelong player like him it was amazing. Like a dream, but it also was a nightmare. Jercio had a constant haunting feeling. His real self a teenage boy named Jason was plugged into a machine which made his mind pretty much one with this virtual world. If so, would his mind and thoughts still be in the game if he died? Jercio didn’t want to find out.

    For days he had tried to put off his anxiety by enjoying and exploring New Bark Town, but by now he knew it inside and out. No matter how real it felt it wasn’t going to sate him. Jercio knew sooner or later he needed to play the game. It was what he came here to do, and he swore he’d do it even if it killed him. Jercio found it ironic really. He wanted to play the game not to get out, but he had a slight bit of hope that if he did beat it he might get the hardcore mode removed at least for himself. It seemed like a fair prize.

    Jercio’s starter, Yohi the Tyrogue, was sitting to the side waiting for his master to make up his mind. For nothing but ones and zeros the Tyrogue seemed so alive to Jercio. He forced himself to accept as much of this as real as a way to help keep sane. Even though Yohi was part of the game too he did his fair share of keeping Jercio’s mental faculties running as normal. The Tyrogue was a great companion to Jercio, and kept him from getting lonely. As secluded as he was in reality Jercio really needed someone to help him now.

    With the chances of rescue minimal, A wealth of pokemon knowledge, and no more patience Jercio stopped pacing, looked at his pokemon, and said;

    “Yohi, I think its time to prove fifteen years of pokemon games is a legitimate education.”

    Yohi looked up at his master very confused, but followed along as Jercio began to walk out onto the root. Jercio scanned the horizon and nodded. No matter what this game had in store he was ready for it. Then he remembered;

    “****, the first gym leader is a flying type user.”

    Jercio ran back into New Bark Town, and Yohi followed behind chuckling a little bit. If only he knew. If Jercio got beaten then Yohi would probably get erased too. Ignoring that terrible thought Jercio began to pace again, and Yohi sighed going back his seat on the ground.

    “We gotta think of something. Flying is weak to rock, ice, and electric, but strong against bug, grass, and fighting. They’re immune to ground types…. They resist what they are strong against too… electric, rock, and steel resist them though. First place you found an electric type was after Violet city. We might not be able to get there. We can check that one cave for a rock or ground type…” Jercio went on and on.

    Yohi finally grew tired of his trainer’s talking and very lightly kicked him the shin. Jercio jumped about in pain holding back a couple of choice words. Though Yohi felt he had kicked lightly because of how strong he was to Jercio it felt like a normal person had done it almost as hard as possible. When his master finally stopped jumping around Yohi shouted up at him. Obviously Jercio didn’t understand the words, but along with that Yohi kept pointing off down the route and hitting his fist down in his palm. Like it or not Jercio knew he’d have to move on. He did have time before facing Falkner. With some luck and training it would be possible to win. Jercio just had to make the effort.

    “Fine Yohi. We’ll go, we’ll fight, and we’ll win. Oh yeah and… er menu” Jercio said remembering that he was going to set something.

    He turned off the language censor, turned on a HUD which would fade if not used for a period of time, and checked Yohi’s stats one last time. Jercio never was one to focus on Ev’s and natures, but now he was going to focus a lot more on raising his pokemon. Content with the changes Jercio and Yohi went on down the route. Whoever did the art for the game was a genius for sure. The place would easily pass off for the real thing. The trees were lush, and each leaf could be seen. Jercio could pick out each blade of grass too. It was kind of scary seeing how much detail had been put into this. How long did the makers work on this game? It couldn’t have been too long since it ran with some of the latest hard and software. It was all a bit overwhelming so Jercio pushed the thoughts from his mind and went back to trying to accept it all as real. By looks alone that wasn’t hard.

    Compared to the games the route felt six times as long. Good thing Jercio was designed to be able to carry on through this adventure. Jason did not want this to devolve into the sims, so Jercio was designed with longevity in mind. Not to mention in real life Jason was known for his long hikes and beach walks. It felt a lot like one of those nice late summer walks, but with pokemon instead of mosquitoes. The only bad part was it felt way too quiet. Jercio had been evasive around the trainers, but did want to find some pokemon though he wasn’t sure of that either.