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    Marcus Lyon - Let it snow, let it snow, let it Snorunt!

    This buddy is a fighter! Though it seems like its fighting for fun, it eventually succumbed to the emptiness of the Pokeballs sealing light of... Sealing-ness? Anyways, the Snorunt didn't resist, as it knew that more angry Pokemon like Pikachu were awaiting for him.

    Ice Body
    Powder Snow
    Double Team
    Icy Wind

    Speaking of which, the as of now unconscious Pikachu arose once more. This time with an angrier expression. Letting a huge shout out, a second, and even a third Pikachu joined their mate, the threesome covered in filth almost identically! The summoner, so to call it, sends a stronger shout while it does a rather ridiculous dance, summoning a curtain of rain that quickly eradicates the snow. Sparks are now coming out of their cheeks as they stand around Marcus.

    Triple threat! 3 on 3 battle!
    You must send three Pokemon of your own to fight these mons'. You will not be able to catch any of them unless two have been knocked out. You may now manage this encounter in any way you like.
    JuJu Collins - Ice-Cream of doom!

    "Van, van!" A cheerful cry comes from behind. Oh, look! A cute lil ice cream cone! It seems eager to play with Jupe. Come on Juju, send a Poke and play with Vannilite.

    Vannilite - Level Unknown - Harden, Icy Wind

    You may manage this encounter in any way you like. In case you end up catching Vannilite, it's move set will change and it might become either shiny or different colored.
    Event 01, Part B

    Welcome to Rustboro City! This city is well known for its yellow sidewalks along the pavement as well as the gray building dotted all around. It's one of the biggest cities in the entire region, and by far: the happiest one!


    This... This isn't Rustboro, the buildings, they're, burning... And, the gym, Devon Co., they're all destroyed, who can be behind this?! Players, stay away from the searing flames that are engulfing the buildings, and don't try to be heroes. The city has been evacuated because of a very recent attack from Team Gaia. Apparently, a huge Beartic, along with an enormous Braviary broke into Devon Co. and flew away with a giant rock in the paws, shortly followed by several grunts wreaking havoc around while trying to locate a Burst Heart said to be hidden within the city. As it turns out, once they destroyed the gym and threatened the life of the civilians, Roxanne, the local leader, revealed the whereabouts of said Burst Heart, and as of now she's guiding a huge amount of grunts towards Rustirf Tunnel...

    You must go thru Rustboro. Trying not to get hurt by the flames all around. No civilians are around, so there's no need to go into the buildings. Hoenn's Special Firefighter Force is on its way, and should arrive anytime soon. It's just a go through... Or so it seemed.

    As you approach the exit that connects eventually with Rustirf Tunnel. The two infamous Poke-mans arrive. This time, they won't let any witness arrive... Once you've made eye contact... Prepare for battle...

    Once you've reached the ending of this part of Event 01, you must stop, and then wait for me to proceed. You can joint post your way to Ristboro in case you want to have a teammate, or several of them during the fight.

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