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So, this is a game I recently started on, but have been planning for a while. Before that, it was originally a forum RP that never got off the ground, and so now it is becoming a fangame. Although, to fully realize my dream, I need more people to help me.

Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: Hearts of War
Team Leader: WinterKirby (Me!)
Current Members: Just lonely little me.
Current Game title: Pokemon: Hearts of War
Current progress made: Not that far. I mean, I started less than a week ago. But I haven't made it to the first gym yet. I'm right before it.
Position(s) needed: Spriters, Musicians, and, not as needed, Scripters. But I REALLY need spriters.
Timezone: GMT -5
Preferred Method of contact: PM, or email: [email protected]
PC thread:
Additional info: I'm putting Fakemon in. That's why I need spriters mainly, but I also need overworld sprites for trainers, and new player characters.
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