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    Current Topic: If you could turn into a serpentine poke, which wud it be and why? What would be thhe downsides of turning into that pokemon?

    Hmm..this is slightly vexing for me. I'd say either Arbok or Gyarados. Arbok due to how cool he is and his power. Gyarados for similar reasons and being an apex predator and having the entire ocean to explore with each stride of my fins.

    However the thing with arbok is not being completely safe to predators as i'm sure at least if not just in the ekans days, being somewhat at competition or threatend by pokemon around me.

    With gyarados, firstly....theres magikarp ><' and secondly(i'm not sure about this or not tho), I dont think being a Gyarados would be all that fun seing as i'd be confined to water, let alone not being able to fly despite being flying type(again correct me on this if i'm wrong).

    Maybe dragonair would be good to change into? Idk but dragonair just doesnt some to fit my style.