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I doubt I'll be able to finish this before Christmas, but I would still like to try this, as it looks fun. ovo

User: Kotowari
Game: Emerald (Rom)
Have your favorite, a shiny, a legendary with BST under 600, evil team Pokemon, Pokemon with no STAB moves, and your least favorite. Good luck!

Just finished!

Player: School Kid Noelle
Game: Sapphire
Badges: 8, Champion

Schindley / Eevee (m) lv. 51 @ Soothe Bell
Psychic, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Faint Attack

Amigo / Lombre (m) lv. 51 @ Miracle Seed
Surf, Bullet Seed, Fake Out, Ice Beam

Salvador / Seviper (m) lv. 52 @ Blackglasses
Crunch, Haze, Sludgebomb, Flamethrower

Ariana / Altaria (f) lv. 54 @ Amulet Coin
Fly, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Dragonbreath

Octorok / Cradily (m) lv. 51 @ King's Rock
Giga Drain, Confuse Ray, Rock Tomb, Secret Power

27 sucks / Pikachu (m) lv. 51 @ Lax Incense
Dig, Thunderbolt, Strength, Thunder Wave

Now, the only thing left to do...

Not that Pikachu deserves it like Lombre, but it was driving me nuts and the challenge is over haha.

I will probably just do one massive edit to the challenger list when I lock this up at the end of the, year actually haha. Hope everyone continues to enjoy it!

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