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Team as of now

Candela the Litwick (F) Flame Body (Lvl 29)
Flame Burst, Confuse Ray, Hex, Heat Wave

Rai the Rhydon (F) Rock Head (Lvl 21)
Strength, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Dragon Rush

Ty the Larvitar (M) Guts (Lvl 22)
Rock Slide, Screech, Sandstorm, Superpower

Meloetta - Serene Grace (Lvl 26)
Relic Song, Quick Attack, Confusion, Sing

Gorgos (M) - Hyper Cutter (Lvl 24)
Bite, Bide, Faint Attack, Bulldoze

Megalodon (M) - Sand Veil (Lvl 21)
Take Down, Cut, Dragon Rage, Sand-Attack

Adventure Log

-Went to Castelia Gym. Went to Castelia Sewers.
-Defeated Plasma. Went to Castelia Park to grind.
-Defeated Burgh. Obtained Struggle Bug.
-Obtained Dowsing Machine
-Defeated Colress
-Reached Nimbasa City.

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