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    "Well, through the use of Celebi, the legendary Pokemon that controlled time. Same method used to bring Amy here, though she wasn't supposed to be here in this time. As for your second question, you'll see through here." Blaine stated. Bay braced himself to endure what may lay on the other side.

    "...My partner doesn't like you..." Lucy, while looking down at her stomach, stated to Blainewho let this comment seemingly breeze right past recognition right before opening the door to the next room.

    Bay followed, although he was really on edge on trusting this man much further as Blaine essentially said that he hated wielders. Looking over at Amy, as they entered the next chamber in this underground dwelling, was shying closer to Lucy and this made Bay even more reluctant to follow through.

    The contents of the room mostly seemed scientific. Books were littered over a desk and they were a variety of glass vials, beakers, and test tubes. The walls were covered in posters and the room had an odd.. smell about it? Something in the room seemed to repulse Bay and the sense grew stronger as Blaine, who had picked up a test tube, neared closer.

    "Ah, yes... This serum, if either ingested or injected into the blood, will not only prevent fusion, but destroy Spirit Wielders /forever/."

    Bay flinched at this statement but managed to recover before Blaine could get a change to notice the look of disgust on his face. His first instinct would be to kill this man and destroy everything in this room but he had a good feeling that wouldn't work out too well. Blaine most likely had a plan if his visitors attacked and Bay also didn't know how adept at fighting his sons were. If they were seasoned fighters, and Lucy and Amethyst can't match them, then things might work out bad in that scenario. Also Amethyst managed to reserve herself, most likely because she knew of the information Blaine was revealing to them although she appeared at unease

    Bay glanced over at Amethyst, now understanding the disdain she felt for this man. He had many unanswered questions but he didn't want the expected responses from Blaine as they would pose a threat to everyone in his dwellings including his sons. Bay didn't want to turn his back to Blaine at all and he hoped that the girls were well aware of this situation. He looked over at Amethyst, wishing that he could pull her aside and speak to her in private, hoping that she'd think of a way for them to.

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