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    Originally Posted by 1158 View Post
    Please try another rom.

    I fixed the bug on Light Path,and I recycled an idea about western TYRON(I abandoned this idea before):Battle Bases and Challenge Bridge,Battle bases are more like "gyms" of western TYRON,and Challenge Bridge is a bit similar to Pokemon league,there are 6 Battle Bases in western TYRON,after you defeat the leader of one Battle Base,you can earn one emblem,you can challenge the Challenge Bridge after you collected all the 6 emblems,also,I changed almost all the outdoor battle backgrounds,here,some screenshots:
    Thanks for the updating.It seems that you have added something good in the game in the new version.
    I think you need change you thread title now.It should be version 2 realeased.XD
    The hacks I support:

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