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    For me, it's the fact that he's a character whose words can really make you think. When I started playing Black and White, a lot of the talk about liberating Pokemon, it really just..yeah, that's the MOST I've ended up mulling over something in the "stop the evil team sideplot" in a Pokemon game. But it wasn't just with N, it was with pretty much everyone in Team Plasma (except Ghetis). I did feel bad for him closer to the end, when I found out about his backstory. And at the very end, the stuff about dreams was pretty true. I'm hoping to have the same amount of "thought" provoked from him (and Team Plasma in general) as I go through Black 2.

    Plus at the time he was announced I was on a YGO kick, so the "Screw the rules, I have green hair" jokes went FLYING between my friends.

    Edit: Starfire Dragon, your point is a very good one. Makes for a good crossover (now to possibly get Pokemon Conquest for myself or for my RTS/Pokemon loving brother)
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