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    Thanks Bay, b&b, and Asty! :) Glad you all enjoyed the story; I had a good feeling about this one cause it was so much fun to write.

    Originally Posted by Bay
    Usually in dialogue there would be a new paragraph for each speaker, like this:
    Yeah, not sure what I was thinking there. Something like "it's more a bunch of people talking at once than a conversation," but then it morphed into something more sequential and I didn't switch to a normal format...Whatever, I've fixed it now. :P

    Originally Posted by b&bl
    I felt that the beginning took a little bit to get going in terms of the humour; maybe just a bit slow or focus on the setup of the story first for my liking given how it then continued
    Eh, maybe. I think the pacing in comedy is kind of tied to how long you can keep the reader laughing, so it's tough to gauge where slow spots will be because senses of humor will vary (or worse yet, no one will get the joke but the writer. For example, I think some cheap cracks I took at Philadelphia sports fans in Unpredictable Adventure were totally lost on most of the readers). In any case, I'll definitely think more about the pacing and timing of the humor in future things I write.

    Originally Posted by Asty
    I honestly think that that banner sells this fanfic. It's just...perfect. I can almost hear a cheesy Christmas carol start playing in my mind as soon as the bright green banner reaches the screen. Perhaps Here Comes Santa Claus?
    In the word file I had a Christmas font, but when I realized that the same font wouldn't be on PC I just had to make a banner. xD
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