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    “Seviper, use Bite!” Leon screamed, sending his dark snake Pokémon out to attack the trio’s Zangoose. “These guys look like the cream of the crop…” Sarah commented, watching as the well-trained Zangoose countered with a quick attack.

    “I really should start buying some items from the mart” she said, thinking about how empty her bag was. With the exception of the one potion, the berries she had received from the old man and her pokedex. “Wait…I know…” she said, with a sly smirk.
    Slowly backing into the crowd, she moved towards the part of the crowd she knew were Pokémon trainers.

    “Zangoose slash!” she heard coming from the battlefield, many of the trainers kept their eyes focused on battle. Using her adept skills as a pick-pocket; she slid her hands in the open ends of large trainer bags taking any items she felt would be useful on her journey.
    Despite not knowing what half of the items were meant for; she felt she was a little more prepared as a trainer.
    Casually walking away from the scene of her crimes, she picked up haste and went to check on the status of the police work.
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