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Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
I like the PC is my life emblem, how do I get it?

*Besides the fact that I gotta be on like 24/7, because that I know xD*

I mean like, how am I suppose to get it? Do I request it or I show something to you guys?
I know the requirements for it cos it's an emblem I earned myself.

To get it you need to stay on PC for long hours or get on at awkward times, like 3am or something. It can't be requested though, the mods need to see if you're worthy of deserving it.

If they think you meet the requirements for an emblem, they will award it to you.

There's also "mod ego" emblems, which mods may award to you if you caught their attention or like you, and there's also other emblems given out for participating in events or winning competitions.

The only requestable emblems are "Committed" (requires you to be paired with the same member for a year), "PC Veteran" (if 3 years have passed since joining) and also the "Community Supporter" (for donating) and "It's Your Birthday" if it's your birthday, however the mods may award it if a celebration thread for your birthday has been created.
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