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I'll join! I haven't joined a club in sometime.

Partner Pokemon: Serpierior and Milotic
Reason for joining:Because of my love for Serperior, Snivy and Servine mainly. I have one on my White team and have fallen in love it. Plus there are many cool serpentine like Pokemon such as Milotic, Gyarados, Huntail, Dragonair, and Rayquaza.
Answer the current topic: If you could turn into a serpentine poke, which wud it be and why? What would be thhe downsides of turning into that pokemon?

Probably Serperior or Gyarados. Mainly cause I just like it so much and like Twiggy I would mine being regal. I could also store energy into my body and use it whenever.

The downside?? Probably would be dealing with my low attack and being weakened by fire.

As for Gyarados, I'd be one cause of how strong and powerful I'd be. Though that's also the downside of being a Gyarados. I would so strong that I'd cause destruction and fear wherever I go and have no control over my rage. I think being feared and hated by alot of people would make me feel lonely. Another thing is what CourageHound mention, I could be able to fly despite being part Flying type. Then I'd have to stay in one place instead of being mobile.
im back