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Mako Reese
Pastoria Town
The End of the Odyssey

It had been a good while since Creed departed from Coronet. It was quite the long journey, and not long after departure did Creed revert to Mako and Kraus. As usual, they were confused about what had been going on...for the most part at least. Various things came back to his mind such as the crying of someone he knew he'd heard before, his being given the blindfold by...someone, and the name Cecilia Gin. He was starting to gain more memory of Creed's exploits at a time, which was quite helpful in keeping him "in-the-know". He didn't take off the blindfold, considering it was given to him rather than forced on him, so he simply moved the blindfold up from his and wore it as a headband, for the sake of...whatever he needed it for. His arm had recovered faster than expected, given the severity of the fracture.

At last, he arrived home, his Exodus was over. Yet, for some reason, he wasn't exactly thrilled at the achievement. This was the place he was trying to return to, this was what everything was leading up baffled Mako. He made his way into the city without any interference and made his way towards his home.

Once he reached his front door, he knocked on it. The wait for the response was long, and there didn't seem to be anyone coming to the door. Mako wouldn't have is patience tried, so he jumped through an open window, fearful of his mother's fate. Once inside, he noticed that the house was in fine shape, if not in better shape than it was before he left. He decided to take a look around, going to the corridor to his kitchen when he noticed something freaky...very freaky. A girl with shining eyes, a around 5 or 6 years younger than him, was staring daggers at him. She didn't say anything, and she didn't seem to be scared, but God was it a scary sight. It was strange enough that this girl was in his house, but he wasn't exactly sure what she was doing. She seemed to be smiling, but the smile only made her seem creepier in the house's natural darkness. It seemed as if she was waiting to see what Mako was going to do, but to be honest, Mako was a little scared to do anything at all. He wasn't going to attack her, she seemed...harmless. No, rather, she looked terrifying, especially since he could not see many of the details of her character in the darkness.

He decided to ignore her for the time being and went upstairs to see if he could find his mother in her room. He opened the door to find her sleeping soundly. He didn't make much noise, but she awoke, regardless. She didn't seem drowsy at all, she didn't even seem tired, but immediately after she awakened she turned to her son, got out of her bed, and embraced him with tears aplenty. She didn't say anything, she simply embraced him and didn't let go.

"Mom, I..." Mako said with a choked voice. He didn't go on, though, he simply let the silence be. That is, until the silence was broken by the creak on the stairs. Mako broke from his mother's embrace and turned around to spot the good-God-that's-definitely-gonna-be-in-your-nightmares gaze of the girl he saw downstairs earlier.

His mom smiled and said to him, "Oh, by the way Mako, this is your little sister." Mako shot a look of shock and surprise at his mother. His sister? He hadn't been gone for that long! Not to mention that this girl couldn't have been younger than him by more than 2 years. "Not by blood of course. I found her wandering around, half-dead. Now, she's your sister!"

Needless to say, Mako was put off by the oddly chipper nature of his mother, as well as the whole situation with the girl. He looked to the girl, who seemed to be staring back at him. No...was she staring at him? It looked as if she were staring at something else...but what? He thought for a moment, putting his hand to his head in thought, and he felt the blindfold. She reacted to this with a smile and a clap. Mako gave the girl of quizzical look, not exactly sure why the blindfold excited her as it did, but really, he didn't know why he had it to begin with.

"Her name's Cecilia," Mako's mother said. "She doesn't talk much, but she loves to write." The mention of the name felt like a lightning bolt in Mako's head. CeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCeciliaCecilia It wouldn't stop, the words kept repeating in his mind, as if he were unconsciously trying to piece together where he heard the name. It overcame him, and everything turned dark.

"...if you come across my daughter, Cecilia...take care of her..."

Mako woke up to the girl looking at him rather close. She seemed to be teary eyed and strangely curious. Mako was surprised and fell out of his bed, leaving his comforter and sheets on sprawled on the floor. He sat up, and she quickly ran to his side. He had no idea what her fascination with him was, other than the blindfold. Was that the reason? Why didn't she just take it if she wanted it so badly? She moved behind him, and then he felt a soft impact on the back of his head. It was a kiss. His face didn't turn red at all because, as far as he was concerned, she was his little sister, and he treated her as such. She clearly had mutual feelings, as she embraced Mako lovingly and then looked up at him. She was far less scary when she wasn't staring at him behind dark corners.

"So...your name is Cecilia, right?" He asked the young blonde, scratching the back of his head where he landed on the floor. She nodded without saying a word. He was still unsure as to why he knew the name...was it because he'd met her before? No, he couldn't remember meeting anyone like her. In fact, she didn't look familiar at all, except...she had one black hair that streaked down the back of her head. It was a minor detail, one that he was rather surprised that he noticed, but it seemed...familiar. A single black streak...why would this stick out? So many questions.

He decided to dismiss his line of questioning and patted her on the head, making his way out of his room and downstairs. He went to greet his mother when he saw that she was dividing berries. It was clear as to why; she couldn't afford to eat as she had been and support two children. She looked sad as she did so, dismissing her livelihood for the sake of her child...but he wouldn't have it. He returned upstairs and grabbed his bag, heading back downstairs with Cecilia following suit. He went into the kitchen where his mother was and looked at her, then he looked away.

"I'm going mom..." He started. His mother's reaction to these words were similar to that as if she had been stabbed, she was devastated. "I love you, and I'm not going to allow you to go on as you have been for all these years. Kalvin is dead, and the berries you have now are all of the berries you have left...I won't make that worse. You and Cecilia stay here and live as you have been, I'll be off." Without giving his mother a chance to speak, he left. She called out to him, but he didn't turn back, nor did he respond. As he got further and further away from his home, a sound became louder and louder. It was a tapping sound, but he couldn't figure out what it was. He turned around and saw that his new little sister was darting toward him. He didn't have time to dodge, and she jumped on his torso and knocked him to the ground. She was quite the loving individual. He looked at her and said, "No, you can't come with me." This made her pretty mad, and she bit his arm. "OW! What the heck are your teeth made of!?" He looked in her open mouth and noticed something...odd; all of her teeth were sharp. Like a razor. No wonder it hurt so bad, she was clearly a Spirit-wielder. It shocked him, but it didn't necessarily make him feel good about taking her with him. Of course, it wasn't much like he had a choice, she was insistent on following him.

"Fine, fine, you can come along. We're on our way to Eterna, let's go."

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