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    Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
    After finishing Sword Art Online and Btooom! last week, I marathoned Ao no Exorcist in two days after planning to watch it since it came out. Finished it earlier today and immediately picked up Pandora Hearts, which I also planned on watching for a while now. I'm in an anime watching mood right now, and after I finish this (which will probably be tomorrow), I'm thinking of watching Durarara!! or Inu X Boku Secret Service.
    Were you happy with Blue Exorcist? I felt the ending parts got really cheesy really quickly. Hated the ending to death.

    You should definitely go ahead with Durarara!!, I got the boxset and it's an amazing show with a great mix of action and drama. All the different perspectives work well and you even get some cameo's from the old Baccano crew ;P
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