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Ben Foster

Sitting comfortably in his seat, Ben fully expected the performance to begin any minutes now. So when a flamboyant looking trainer and his Alakazam teleported onto the stage, a period of disappointment fell upon him. He thought the man was a performer, and that he was unfortunately about to announce the cancellation of the performance. So was the case at any other play or spectacle he had ever been at in his life, considering that, who could've blamed him for his negative assumptions?

Fortunately, his assumptions were far from reality, but it was surprising the man bring up the Suicune situation with normality. Surely Ben hadn't been out of the loop for that long, had he? Regardless he decided after the play he'd go ahead and ask if there was any way he could be of assistance in the crisis. Mainly because it gave him a grand opportunity to perhaps see the legendary pokemon in person, even if the chance was slim at best. Although this itself was almost a blessing of a sort, it was somewhat of a hindrance. His mind, fixated on getting to Euisene after tonight's performance, found it quite hard to focus on the actual reason he came here in the first place, to enjoy the performance put on by the Kimono Girls. Not to say it wasn't impressive of course, Ben merely found it hard to devote a fair amount of attention to the event at hand.

That all ended when his ears decided to wake up. A beautiful sound floated into his ears, attracting his attention. He didn't care where it came from or who was the soul behind the sound, it relaxed his body and mind, allowing him to fully appreciate the music. Ben slumped into his chair and closed his eyes, the only thing alerting his senses being the instrument’s sound.
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